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Best Time to Visit Havana

Havana, the colorful capital of Cuba, is best visited during the dry season from November to April.


High Season in Havana

Havana is bustling with tourists from November to April when the weather is dry and pleasant.

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Shoulder Season in Havana

May and October offer a quieter time to visit Havana with fewer crowds and slightly lower prices.

Low Season in Havana

The rainy season in Havana from June to September sees fewer tourists, making it a great time to explore the city without the crowds.


Annual Average Temperature

* The chart above displays the average yearly 'feels like' temperature in Havana over the last 5 years.


Havana in Spring

Spring in Havana is warm with occasional showers. Don't miss the Havana Biennial arts festival in April.

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Havana in Summer

Summer in Havana is hot and humid, with occasional rain showers. Enjoy the International Ballet Festival in July.

Havana in Fall

Fall in Havana is warm and pleasant, ideal for exploring the city's historic sites. The Havana Jazz Festival takes place in November.

Havana in Winter

Winter in Havana is dry and mild, perfect for sightseeing and enjoying outdoor cafes. Experience the vibrant celebrations of Havana's Carnival in December.

Annual Average Precipitation

* The chart above shows the annual average precipitation for Havana for the past 5 years.


Havana in January

→ 20 to 26 °C (69 to 79 °F)

January sees mild temperatures and a festive atmosphere with New Year celebrations.

Havana in February

→ 23 to 30 °C (73 to 85 °F)

February boasts pleasant weather and the famous Havana International Book Fair.

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Havana in March

→ 22 to 30 °C (72 to 86 °F)

March offers warm temperatures and the Havana International Film Festival.

Havana in April

→ 25 to 33 °C (78 to 92 °F)

April provides comfortable temperatures and the Havana Biennial arts festival.

Havana in May

→ 27 to 34 °C (81 to 93 °F)

May is a transition month with warmer temperatures and fewer tourists.

Havana in June

→ 29 to 37 °C (85 to 98 °F)

June marks the start of the rainy season in Havana, with occasional showers.

Havana in July

→ 30 to 37 °C (86 to 99 °F)

July is hot and humid with the International Ballet Festival being the highlight.

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Havana in August

→ 30 to 38 °C (87 to 100 °F)

August continues the hot and humid weather, perfect for beach activities and music festivals.

Havana in September

→ 30 to 36 °C (86 to 97 °F)

September sees the peak of the rainy season, but it is still possible to enjoy Havana's cultural offerings.

Havana in October

→ 28 to 34 °C (83 to 93 °F)

October is a transition month with fewer crowds and slightly lower prices.

Havana in November

→ 25 to 31 °C (78 to 87 °F)

November offers pleasant temperatures and cultural events like the Havana Jazz Festival.

Havana in December

→ 23 to 28 °C (73 to 83 °F)

December is a great time to visit Havana with mild weather and vibrant Carnival celebrations.

Annual Average Humidity

* The chart above shows the annual average humidity percentage for Havana for the past 5 years.


Havana offers a range of accommodation options, from luxury hotels to affordable guesthouses called casas particulares.

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Public Transportation

Public transportation in Havana includes buses and shared taxis known as colectivos. Taxis are also widely available.

Havana Airport

José Martí International Airport is the main airport in Havana, located about 15 kilometers southwest of the city center.

Airport to City Center

The most convenient way to reach the city center from the airport is by taxi or pre-arranged airport transfer.

Is Havana Safe?

Havana is generally safe for tourists, but it's important to take normal precautions and be aware of your surroundings.

According to the Global Peace Index, Cuba ranks 99th among all countries in the world in 2023. Cuba achieved a score of 2.10 out of 5, based on 23 qualitative and quantitative indicators from highly respected sources.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ideal Time to Visit Havana

The best time to visit Havana is during the dry season from November to April when the weather is pleasant and there are fewer rain showers.

Best Havana Visit Length

A recommended stay in Havana is 3-4 days to explore the city's historical sites, vibrant culture, and enjoy its lively atmosphere.

Must-See Attractions in Havana

Some must-see attractions in Havana include the historic Old Havana district, the Malecón waterfront promenade, and the iconic Plaza de la Catedral.

Havana Nightlife: What to Do

At night, be sure to experience the lively music scene in Havana's bars and clubs, and take a stroll along the Malecón to enjoy the beautiful views.

Getting Around Havana Efficiently

To get around Havana, you can use public transportation like buses or taxis, or explore the city on foot to fully experience its vibrant atmosphere.

Havana 3 day Itinerary

Day 1

Start your day by exploring the historic Old Havana district, visiting iconic sites like Plaza de la Catedral and Castillo de la Real Fuerza. In the afternoon, take a leisurely walk along the Malecón and enjoy sunset views. End the day with live music and dancing at a local salsa club.

  1. Plaza de la Catedral
  2. Castillo de la Real Fuerza
  3. Malecón
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Day 2

Spend the morning exploring the colorful neighborhood of Vedado, known for its stunning architecture and vibrant street art. In the afternoon, visit the famous Plaza de la Revolución and the nearby Memorial José Martí. End the day with a visit to the Coppelia ice cream parlor, a Havana institution.

  1. Vedado
  2. Plaza de la Revolución
  3. Memorial José Martí
  4. Coppelia

Day 3

Start your day with a visit to the Museum of the Revolution, which tells the story of Cuba's revolutionary history. In the afternoon, explore the vibrant arts and culture scene at the Fábrica de Arte Cubano. End the day with a relaxing stroll through the beautiful gardens of the Hotel Nacional de Cuba.

  1. Museum of the Revolution
  2. Fábrica de Arte Cubano
  3. Hotel Nacional de Cuba